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Roles & Responsibilities of Testing Manager

Roles & Responsibilities of Testing Manager

What are the Roles & Responsibilities description of Tester & Testing Manager in SAP Environment.

Responsibility details- 

Manager's Responsibilities-

  • Manage Project Initiation through Closure.
  • Resource Mobilization for Projects.
  • Implement and monitor processes for Offshore Testing.
  • Manage Delivery by Metrics.
  • Publish KPIs for all Offshore Testing Projects on weekly, or milestone, basis.
  • Submit inputs for Weekly Status Reports to the Onsite Test Coordinator.
  • Participate in Weekly Review Meetings.
  • Submit inputs for billing of effort.
  • Offshore Team Management, Mentoring and Coaching.
  • Issue Management.
Offshore Testers-
  • Test Requirements Analysis.
  • Test Case Development / Updating.
  • Test Data preparation.
  • Test Execution and Results logging.
  • Defect Analysis & Reporting.
  • Re-tests for Fixes.
  • Submit daily status updates and Metrics to Offshore Leads.
  • Peer Reviews.
Example: What are the responsibilities or expections as an SAP-HR tester.

Sap HR tester is good role for sometime.

  • Expectation will you need to assist the testers (testing background people).
  • People from the sap hr background in the testing projects usually preparing scenarios.
  • Helping them to create the test data.
  • Analysing the defects.
  • Preparing the test cases and scripts (testing tool can be manual or automated).
  • Validating the test results against the documents such as BPPs, Blue Prints, Configs etc.
  • Execution of test cases preparing the TIRs (test incident reports) and logging them into the tool if it is in place.
  • Some cases they will fix the defect also.
  • Testing the interfaces, reports (custom and standard) authorisations (positive and negative).
  • Integration also tested it depends on the scope of testing.
  • Testings can be (system intergration testing, User acceptance testing or User confirmation testings or any other different terminology).
It is good to work as a tester for some time but it can be boring over the long term.


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