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Re: Introduction and Testing Process of SAP TAO

Introduction and Testing Process of SAP TAO

Introduction of TAO :-

The SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (SAP TAO) software streamlines the creation and maintenance of ERP business process testing.
SAP TAO helps QA Specilists to break down applications into components, which can  be
􀂄 Assembled into test cases through a simple interface using drag and drop
􀂄 Parameterized for flexible reuse, such as reusing a test that has updated data inputs
􀂄 Maintained easily and inexpensively, even when screens, flows, or service packs change.

  Testing Optimization Benefits:-

Automated testing with SAP TAO maximizes:
􀂄 Testing Deployment
SAP TAO, in tandem with HP Quality Center/ALM, dramatically reduces the amount of time required to build and execute test scripts.

􀂄 Reuse
SAP TAO eliminates the need to create new tests whenever a component changes. If one component changes in a group of tests, just replace that component and then re-consolidate the tests.
􀂄 Maintenance
SAP TAO allows you to record component parameters. SAP TAO provides a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to save parameters for reuse and maintenance. You can also move components from HP Quality Center to SAP TAO for additional backup possibilities.

Process Testing with SAP TAO:-

Below Process describes how to test a simple business process with SAP TAO and HP Quality Center. It assumes that you can access a SAP back-end server that executes the business process transactions you are testing, access to HP Quality Center, and a properly installed and connected SAP TAO Client on your desktop.
 1. Discuss the process flow with the subject matter expert.
2. Create a business process test case with detailed steps.
3. Run the steps manually within the test application to make sure the application generates without errors or warning messages.
4. Open HP Quality Center to view the list of your selected components.
    a. Drag and drop the transactions in the order that they occur in the business process.
    b. HP Quality Center includes a list of common screen commands, such as Open, Enter, and Exit. Move the screen commands using drag and drop as needed.
5. Parameterize the data in the Excel spreadsheet or the HP Quality Center database.
6. On SAP TAO, consolidate the data into a single component that consists of the transaction code and screen operations.
7. In the HP Quality Center, create a second business process script using the single component.
8. Execute the test script and review it for any discrepancies.

9. Save the components in a directory that you can easily access when you need to update a screen or a transaction. 

Browse for Manual Testing & QC: www.swaretesting.blogspot.com
Download Material: www.nuve.info

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