Sunday, 26 June 2011

SAP Test Types - 4

Ø User Acceptance Testing:

User acceptance testing allows the system’s end users to independently execute test cases from the perspective of how the end users plan to perform tasks in the production environment.

The owners of the user acceptance testing are the end users, and the configuration and test team members resolve defects identified during the user acceptance test.

Ø Regression Testing:

Regression testing ensures that previously working system functionality is not adversely affected by the introduction of new system changes.

Regression testing is needed to ensure that “nothing is broken” as a result of a new system change. Regression testing is primarily an automated testing effort.

The test team owns the execution of the regression test.

ØOther types:

Other types of SAP tests include usability, archiving, data migration testing, and technical tests.

Technical tests such as backup and recovery, printing, faxing, electronic data interchange (EDI), availability, and so on are also needed in particular for initial SAP implementations and/or global SAP rollouts.

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