Sunday, 26 June 2011

SAP Test Types -1

ØSAP testing is complex, difficult, and esoteric  

ØTesting at any SAP project is an integrated effort that requires the expertise and skills of several resources such as SMEs, functional configuration resources, ABAP developers, and business analysts

ØUnit Testing

This is the lowest level of testing at the SAP transaction level
Unit testing includes boundary testing for positive and negative testing.
Negative testing should be performed for custom fields and transactions to ensure that the system only allows valid input and can adequately perform exception handling. An example of a negative test for a process would be attempting to process an order with the wrong status
The configuration team owns the unit-testing effort and is responsible for planning and execution of unit testing
The main focuses for unit testing are:
■ Master data
■ Negative-positive testing
■ Transaction functionality
■ Security roles and profiles

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